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Lower Interest Rates… What Does it Mean?

Interest rates 101 … How the rates are determined, who has the money?? Why do rates go down, or up?

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Knowledge and money go hand in hand. Our insider tips can save you thousands of dollars when you buy a home or condo. Know the ropes and stay ahead of the game!

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Our Incredible Team of Professionals!

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WHAT IS A SHORT SALE? How the Short Sale works, why do a Short Sale? Click here for answers to these and many other questions.

Avoiding Foreclosure – According to Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac explains how to avoid foreclosure, what to look for and what your options may be.

10 Credit Myths That May Damage Your Score

The best defense against making a credit blunder is to better educate yourself about credit and ways to manage it.

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Our hottest real estate deals … Foreclosures, seizures, short sales, pre-foreclosures and estate sales in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Seaside, Grayton and Sandestin.

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